Our work

The work of the Servants of the Paraclete is uniquely rewarding with a positive, joyful and uplifting community lifestyle which requires emotional maturity and balance. Over the past 70-plus years, we have assisted more than 5000 priests in many ways. Currently, we are providing ministry in the U.S. in Dittmer, Missouri, for clergy and male religious and in Jemez Springs, New Mexico, at The Fitzgerald Center, which is open for use by clergy, men and women religious and lay people.

While the Servants of the Paraclete make use of whatever means are available in medicine, psychotherapy and counseling, the basis for all healing, help and holiness is a personal union with Christ. In several studies designed to determine the most effective help received by priests in our various programs, the inevitable result was the majority of program participants said that the most helpful part of the program was a renewed relationship with God, followed by a fraternity among fellow priests and brothers, and then professional therapeutic assistance.